Slow Drip and other tales from Dakar

We’re slowly adjusting to daily power outages. We’ve only had one that last 24 hours… most are just 1 - 2 hours.

Testing x509 Certificates

Navigating the openssl suite of subcommands is time consuming. Here’s my list of frequently used commands for easy reference:

We need better metaphors

Most of us developers use metaphors to help convey an understanding of how our software works.

A Response to Mark Engler's 'The Limits of Internet Organizing'

Mark Engler’s customary insightful analysis is glaringly absent from his recent piece on Internet organizing in Dissent Magazine.

Benchmarking PHP

What’s the best way to run PHP in Debian in a shared environment?

California Holidays 2010

The trip started out great. Taking a walk near the house…

COP16 is coming soon

COP16, the meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, is coming up in early December.

From vservers to KVM

Given the impending deprecation of vservers, I’ve decided to make the switch to KVM on my laptop.

Growing disks: upgrading from 1 TB to 2 TB disks

We’ve got a fairly layered set of software that runs beneath our file systems: RAID1 followed by cryptsetup, followed by lvm.

May First/People Link participates in 1000 Cancuns

We’ve setup a video watching station at Blue Stockings Bookstore, where we’re handing out print outs of the excellent climate solutions briefs on grassrootsclimatesolutions.