Google and Bitly

It seems I’m the only person on the Internet who didn’t know sending email to Google with bit.

From Ikiwiki to Hugo

Back in the days of Etch, I converted this blog from Drupal to ikiwiki.

How to Meet Online with Simultaneous Interpretation

May First Movement Technology has been running a public Jitsi Meet instance since well before the pandemic to support Internet-based, video meetings for folks who don’t want to rely on corporate and proprietary infrastructure.

From openbox to sway

I’ve been running the Openbox window manager since 2005. That’s longer then I’ve lived in any one apartment in my entire life!

The problem with Richard Stallman is not about free speech

Free speech and censorship are critically important issues. And, using them to defend Richard Stallman’s return to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) board is just plain wrong.

So... is Signal good or bad?

After Facebook updated their Whatsapp privacy policy, and a certain rich capitalist who doesn’t like Facebook for reasons different then mine told the world to use Signal, Signal’s downloads went up by 4,200%.

Being your own Certificate Authority

There are many blogs and tutorials with nice shortcuts providing the necessary openssl commands to create and sign x509 certficates.

LVM Cache woops

At May First, disk i/o has been our most serious bottle neck for many years.

Free software in the age of Corona Virus

There are the printed remarks I made during the May First webinar on free software during the Corona Virus pandemic, which can be heard via the recording.

Programming with 6 year olds

I know there is a pedagogically appropriate way to teach 6 year olds how to program and this is not it.