Web caching is hard

Web caching is hard. And also, maybe I’m not that good under pressure?

Fine tuning Thunderbird's end-to-end encryption

I love that Thunderbird really tackled OpenPGP head on and incorporated it directly into the client.

Deleting an app won't bring back Roe v Wade

In some ways it feels like 2016 all over again.

A very liberal spam assassin rule

I just sent myself a test message via Powerbase (a hosted CiviCRM project for community organizers) and it didn’t arrive.

LVM Cache Surprises

By far the biggest LVM Cache surprise is just how well it works.

Putty Problems

I upgraded my first servers from buster to bullseye over the weekend and it went very smoothly, so big thank you to all the debian developers who contributed your labor to the bullseye release!

Anyone still using gitweb?

It seems like the self-hosting git world has all moved to gitlab or gitea.

Fixing old PHP code

I wrote a control panel in 2005 using PHP, without any framework.

Google and Bitly

It seems I’m the only person on the Internet who didn’t know sending email to Google with bit.

From Ikiwiki to Hugo

Back in the days of Etch, I converted this blog from Drupal to ikiwiki.