What am I missing about AI?

Last month I blogged about how the mainstream media is focusing on the wrong parts of the Artificial Intelligence/ChatGPT story.

Enough about the AI Apocalypse Already

After watching Democracy Now’s segment on artificial intelligence I started to wonder - am I out of step on this topic?

Cranky old timers should know perl

I act like an old timer (I’ve been around linux for 25 years and I’m cranky about new tech that is not easily maintained and upgraded) yet somehow I don’t know perl.

Electron doesn't like negative layout coordinates

I got a second external monitor. Overkill? Probably, but I like having a dedicated space to instant messaging (now left monitor) and also a dedicated space for a web browser (right monitor).

Doing whatever Gmail says

As we slowly move our members to our new email infrastructure, an unexpected twist turned up: One member reported getting the Gmail warning:

Web caching is hard

Web caching is hard. And also, maybe I’m not that good under pressure?

Fine tuning Thunderbird's end-to-end encryption

I love that Thunderbird really tackled OpenPGP head on and incorporated it directly into the client.

Deleting an app won't bring back Roe v Wade

In some ways it feels like 2016 all over again.

A very liberal spam assassin rule

I just sent myself a test message via Powerbase (a hosted CiviCRM project for community organizers) and it didn’t arrive.

LVM Cache Surprises

By far the biggest LVM Cache surprise is just how well it works.