Mobile Instant Messaging

Now that I’ve gone down the signal road, when can I get off of it?

Signal and Google Cloud Services

I just installed Signal on my Android phone. It wasn’t an easy decision.

Docker: evil spawn or useful tool

There are plenty of criticisms of docker, the system for building a container-based virtual machine running just a single application.

Agents, the kinds that work for us.

I recently decided I wanted to adjust how long my gpg password cache lasts and realized I had no idea how either my ssh-agent or gpg-agent was being launched or even which programs were being used as the agent for which protocol.

Docker networking... private range or not?

Am I missing something? I installed docker and noticed that it created a virtual interface named docker0 with the IP address 172.

GnuCash with python bindings

Hats off to the GnuCash developers and the Parit Worker Collective for the python bindings to GnuCash.

So long email, it's been good to know yuh

Yesterday I permanently deleted 15 years of email. It wasn’t because I didn’t have enough hard disk space to store it.

Getting to know systemd

Update 2014-08-20: apcid needs tweaking. See update section below. Somehow both my regular work laptop and home entertainment computers (both running Debian Jessie) were switched to systemd without me noticing.

New OpenPGP key

After playing around with How secure is my password, I dediced to start changing the handful of passwords I have committed to memory to being very long phrases rather than shorter, concentrated collections of random-seeming characters (another interesting blog post would be to understand the algorythm behind that site but for now I’ve just taken it at face value).

Administering CUPS from the command line

I usually try to avoid administering printers whenever possible. As a result I end of flailing around the CUPS web interface before I figure out how to re-enable a printer.