Late to the Raspberry Pi party

I finally bought my first raspberry pi to setup as a router and wifi access point.

Re-thinking Web App Security

An organizer friend interested in activating a rapid response network to counter Trump-era ICE raids on immigrants asked me about any existing simple and easy tools that could send out emergency SMS/text message alerts.

What's Up with WhatsApp?

Despite my jaded feelings about corporate Internet services in general, I was suprised to learn that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption was a lie.

End-to-End Encrypted group chats via XMPP

It’s been over a year since my colleagues and I at the Progressive Technology Project abandoned Skype, first for IRC and soon after for XMPP.

Should we be pushing OpenPGP?

Bjarni RĂșnar, the author of Mailpile released a blog about recent blogs disparaging OpenPGP.

Wait... is that how you are supposed to configure your SSD card?

I bought a laptop with only SSD drives a while ago and based on a limited amount of reading, added the “discard” option to my /etc/fstab file for all partitions and happily went on my way expecting to avoid the performance degradation problems that happen on SSD cards without this setting.

Trusted Mobile Device: How hard could it be?

I bought a new phone. After my experiences with signal and the helpful comments readers gave regarding the ability to run android and signal without Google Play using microg I thought I would give it a shot.

Networking in 2016

So many options, so little time. Many years ago I handled all my network connections via /etc/network/interfaces.

Nice Work Apertium

For the last few years I have been periodically testing out apertium and today I did again and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the english-spanish and spanish-english translations (and also their nifty web site translator).

Noam use Gnome

I don’t quite remember when I read John Goerzen’s post about teaching a 4 year old to use the linux command line with audio on planet Debian.