The pain of installing custom ROMs on Android phones

A while back I bought a Nexus 5x. During a three-day ordeal I finally got Omnirom installed - with full disk encryption, root access and some stitched together fake Google Play code that allowed me to run Signal without actually letting Google into my computer.

Certain Days

For those of you thumbing through the last few pages of your 2005 calendar, wondering if your uncle is going to send you another Sierra Club calendar with chipmunks and pine trees, do yourself a favor and get a copy of the Certain Days 2006 Freedom for Policial Prisoners Calendar.

Docker in Debian

It’s not easy getting Docker to work in Debian. It’s not in stable at all:

Late to the Raspberry Pi party

I finally bought my first raspberry pi to setup as a router and wifi access point.

Re-thinking Web App Security

An organizer friend interested in activating a rapid response network to counter Trump-era ICE raids on immigrants asked me about any existing simple and easy tools that could send out emergency SMS/text message alerts.

What's Up with WhatsApp?

Despite my jaded feelings about corporate Internet services in general, I was suprised to learn that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption was a lie.

End-to-End Encrypted group chats via XMPP

It’s been over a year since my colleagues and I at the Progressive Technology Project abandoned Skype, first for IRC and soon after for XMPP.

Should we be pushing OpenPGP?

Bjarni RĂșnar, the author of Mailpile released a blog about recent blogs disparaging OpenPGP.

Wait... is that how you are supposed to configure your SSD card?

I bought a laptop with only SSD drives a while ago and based on a limited amount of reading, added the “discard” option to my /etc/fstab file for all partitions and happily went on my way expecting to avoid the performance degradation problems that happen on SSD cards without this setting.

Trusted Mobile Device: How hard could it be?

I bought a new phone. After my experiences with signal and the helpful comments readers gave regarding the ability to run android and signal without Google Play using microg I thought I would give it a shot.