What's Up with WhatsApp?

Despite my jaded feelings about corporate Internet services in general, I was suprised to learn that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption was a lie.

End-to-End Encrypted group chats via XMPP

It’s been over a year since my colleagues and I at the Progressive Technology Project abandoned Skype, first for IRC and soon after for XMPP.

Should we be pushing OpenPGP?

Bjarni RĂșnar, the author of Mailpile released a blog about recent blogs disparaging OpenPGP.

Wait... is that how you are supposed to configure your SSD card?

I bought a laptop with only SSD drives a while ago and based on a limited amount of reading, added the “discard” option to my /etc/fstab file for all partitions and happily went on my way expecting to avoid the performance degradation problems that happen on SSD cards without this setting.

Trusted Mobile Device: How hard could it be?

I bought a new phone. After my experiences with signal and the helpful comments readers gave regarding the ability to run android and signal without Google Play using microg I thought I would give it a shot.

Networking in 2016

So many options, so little time. Many years ago I handled all my network connections via /etc/network/interfaces.

Nice Work Apertium

For the last few years I have been periodically testing out apertium and today I did again and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the english-spanish and spanish-english translations (and also their nifty web site translator).

Noam use Gnome

I don’t quite remember when I read John Goerzen’s post about teaching a 4 year old to use the linux command line with audio on planet Debian.

Monitoring Deflect

May First/People Link has several members that are targets of politically motivated denial of service attacks (mostly groups that support reproductive justice for women and palestinian rights).

Signal and Mobile XMPP Update

First, many thanks to Planet Debian readers for your thoughtful and constructive feedback to my Signal and Mobile Instant Messaging blogs.