Networking in 2016

So many options, so little time. Many years ago I handled all my network connections via /etc/network/interfaces.

Nice Work Apertium

For the last few years I have been periodically testing out apertium and today I did again and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the english-spanish and spanish-english translations (and also their nifty web site translator).

Noam use Gnome

I don’t quite remember when I read John Goerzen’s post about teaching a 4 year old to use the linux command line with audio on planet Debian.

Monitoring Deflect

May First/People Link has several members that are targets of politically motivated denial of service attacks (mostly groups that support reproductive justice for women and palestinian rights).

Signal and Mobile XMPP Update

First, many thanks to Planet Debian readers for your thoughtful and constructive feedback to my Signal and Mobile Instant Messaging blogs.

Mobile Instant Messaging

Now that I’ve gone down the signal road, when can I get off of it?

Signal and Google Cloud Services

I just installed Signal on my Android phone. It wasn’t an easy decision.

Docker: evil spawn or useful tool

There are plenty of criticisms of docker, the system for building a container-based virtual machine running just a single application.

Agents, the kinds that work for us.

I recently decided I wanted to adjust how long my gpg password cache lasts and realized I had no idea how either my ssh-agent or gpg-agent was being launched or even which programs were being used as the agent for which protocol.

Docker networking... private range or not?

Am I missing something? I installed docker and noticed that it created a virtual interface named docker0 with the IP address 172.