LVM Cache woops

At May First, disk i/o has been our most serious bottle neck for many years.

Free software in the age of Corona Virus

There are the printed remarks I made during the May First webinar on free software during the Corona Virus pandemic, which can be heard via the recording.

Programming with 6 year olds

I know there is a pedagogically appropriate way to teach 6 year olds how to program and this is not it.

Editing video without a GUI? Really?

It seems counter intuitive - if ever there was a program in need of a graphical user interface, it’s a non-linear video editing program.

Welcome to the Lazy Bookkeeper

Welcome to the first (and given my laziness, possibly last) installment of the lazy bookkeeper.

I didn't know what ibus was one day ago, now I love it

[See update below.] After over a decade using mutt as my email client, I finally gave up pretending I didn’t want to see pretty pictures in my email and switched to Thunderbird.

Identifying resource hogs

Suppose you manage a multi-user server with wily and unpredictable users running compromisable web sites and email accounts with loads of email.

Which is faster, rsync or rdiff-backup?

Surprise: rdiff-backup (given our particular constraints). As our data grows (and some filesystems balloon to over 800GBs, with many small files) we have started seeing our night time backups continue through the morning, causing serious disk i/o problems as our users wake up and regular usage rises.

Diversity doesn't help the bottom line

A Google software engineer’s sexist screed against diversity has been making the rounds lately.

Procrastinating by tweaking my desktop with devilspie2

Tweaking my desktop seems to be my preferred form of procrastination.