Net Neutrality: May First/People Link Takes Two

When net neutraliy first surfaced as an issue years ago, it was hard to get behind.

Remarks given at WSF/Dakar Convergence Center Fundraiser

On January 23, 2011, the Indy Media Convergence Center will open it’s doors in Dakar, Senegal.

rm -rf at ~ 500 Mbytes/second

If you ever have the misfortune of accidentally passing the path to a directory containing 177GB of data to the rm -rf command, I’ll start by suggesting that you hit ctl-c.

Two Terabyte disks: prepare for major changes

When we bought our first 2 TiB disk we had no idea what was in store.

video4linux and audio

With cop16 coming up in just a few months, we’ve been working at MFPL on organizing people from around the world to share live video of the COP16 related events: protests, panels, performances, etc.

Web casting and the Climate Change Conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia

One of my first experiences as an activist happened while I was a teenager - I went door to door surveying my neighbors in Lincoln, Nebraska to determine interest in recycling.

WikiLeaks offline

I saw the keynote speech by one of the key technologists and organizers of WikiLeaks at the last Hackers on Planet Earth conference.

Booting from a USB stick into Grub

Often when replacing a failed disk in a RAID1 setup (or in many other cases) grub fails to load.

Attaching files to nodes programmatically in Drupal 6

After much sweat and frustration, I’ve finally figured out how to tweak my tried and true Drupal import script to work for Drupal 6.

Google Docs and politically responsible computing

I just saw an announcement on a politically smart list saying that a collaborative document was just made available on Google Docs (a web application provided by Google that allows multiple people to collaboratively edit a word processing document).