Property is Theft

I’ve recently been making my way through the Proudhon Reader, a collection of writings by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon recently published by AK Press.

Removing the user list from gdm

UPDATE Nothing lasts for ever. I just restarted gdm3 (July 29, 2012) and my list of users again popped up.

Servers4All... unless someone complains

On Wednesday, February 1, a new virtual server May First/People Link recently rented went offline.


Sparkleshare is a file sharing utility that keeps folders in sync on multiple computers in a similar fashion to the commercial and proprietary Dropbox.

Arriving in Dakar

We’ve safely arrived. Joseph, Ross and I have joined Mallory in Dakar for the World Social Forum.

Beach Day

We took the afternoon off today. A 15 minute cab ride followed by a short 5 minute boat ride took us to N’gore Island.

Capitalism Is Crashed

The Occupy Wall Street protests taking place around the world are incredibly moving.

Dakar Blog Workshop

May First/People Link collaborated with Mousa from Rwanda to teach our first workshop at the convergence center.

Data Security

The way we evaluate Internet technology is changing … quickly.

IMC Convergence Center Day One

Fabian, from London and Molefi from South African, arrived early monday morning - and were instrumental in our last day preparations for the IMC Africa convergence Center.