Arriving in Dakar

We’ve safely arrived. Joseph, Ross and I have joined Mallory in Dakar for the World Social Forum.

Beach Day

We took the afternoon off today. A 15 minute cab ride followed by a short 5 minute boat ride took us to N’gore Island.

Capitalism Is Crashed

The Occupy Wall Street protests taking place around the world are incredibly moving.

Dakar Blog Workshop

May First/People Link collaborated with Mousa from Rwanda to teach our first workshop at the convergence center.

Data Security

The way we evaluate Internet technology is changing … quickly.

IMC Convergence Center Day One

Fabian, from London and Molefi from South African, arrived early monday morning - and were instrumental in our last day preparations for the IMC Africa convergence Center.

Privilege Separation

What are the biggest security threats to my laptop? Almost all the software I install is vetted and signed by a member of the Debian team.

Puppet Without Masters

Puppet labs’s use of the term puppetmaster is rather clever (in contrast to other un-necessarily offensive uses of “master” in the software world).

Slow Drip and other tales from Dakar

We’re slowly adjusting to daily power outages. We’ve only had one that last 24 hours… most are just 1 - 2 hours.

Testing x509 Certificates

Navigating the openssl suite of subcommands is time consuming. Here’s my list of frequently used commands for easy reference: