Slow Drip and other tales from Dakar

2011-01-08 One-minute read

We’re slowly adjusting to daily power outages. We’ve only had one that last 24 hours… most are just 1 - 2 hours.

Slow Drip
Joseph earns the nickname Slow Drip making coffee in the dark kitchen

Senegal is not exactly Tunisia or Egypt, but the increasingly frequent and prolonged power outages have caused some tire-burning in the streets.

Fire in the streets
Fire in the streets

If you are curious about food…

Breakfast in Dakar
Breakfast in Dakar

I took a break from working to pose for this picture. The writing says: Le Culte du Travail (The cult of work). We found this in the University.

Cult du travail
Le Culte du Travail

In other news, the convergence center house has been rented. It’s a great house

  • huge, 2 floors, 5 bedrooms and, somehow, 5 bathrooms. Joseph and I just walked the 15 minutses to the University (another 15 minutes to the library where the media center is). Wow. I’ve never attended a social forum within walking distance to where I was staying! We will be fitting about 30 of us into the house (and the two apartments down the streets). We will move into the house on February 2.