Google Docs and politically responsible computing

I just saw an announcement on a politically smart list saying that a collaborative document was just made available on Google Docs (a web application provided by Google that allows multiple people to collaboratively edit a word processing document).

Ikiwiki upgrading and disabled comments

Although not nearly as hairy as helping David Swanson upgrade upgrade his Drupal blog, the ikiwiki upgrade from version 2 to version 3 has been a bit hairy.

Installing Debian via qemu

I’ve been experimenting with kvm and qemu and run into some conceptual and practical problems.

Internet security and oppression

Oppression - particularly race and gender based oppression - has a long sordid history.

Key transition

The time has finally come. After putting it off, I’ve finally started transitioning my gpg key.

Open Video Alliance 2009

Here are some of my notes from attending the second day of the Open Video Conference in June 2009.

Support the an important NYC conference: The Grassroots Media Conference

One of the best conferences in New York City is looking for fresh volunteers!

The politics of video distribution on the Internet

Technology, in particular the Internet, has revolutionized the use of video among progressive activists over the last 15 years.

Americas Social Forum Inaugural Post

I’m in the LA airport awaiting my flight to Houston and from there on to Guatemala City for the third annual Americas Social Forum.

Americas Social Forum: Day One

I’ve arrived, with less than an hour of sleep. The irony of the last leg departing from George Bush Airport is not lost on me.