Killing MySQL

MySQL is supposed to allow one + the max_connections from a super user so you can stop/restartmysql even when it is reporting too many connections.

Live video streaming using vp8enc and webm on Debian

The vp8 video codec and webm container format (which are alternates for theora/ogg and h264/flv) are getting lots of attention, especially as more web browsers are supporting html5 - which includes a new video tag that plays video directly in a web page, rather than requiring a plugin.

Managing KVM instances

At May First/People Link we have been using KVM for several years now and recently I have been running KVM instances on my local laptop.

MySQL throwing the wrong error

I was running a routine CiviCRM installation when I was stopped by the error:

New Privacy Arguments are Needed

Another decent article on online privacy was published by the NYT this morning.

Posting to via the command line

I set aside 15 minutes to find a tool that would allow me to easily post to my identi.

Property is Theft

I’ve recently been making my way through the Proudhon Reader, a collection of writings by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon recently published by AK Press.

Removing the user list from gdm

UPDATE Nothing lasts for ever. I just restarted gdm3 (July 29, 2012) and my list of users again popped up.

Servers4All... unless someone complains

On Wednesday, February 1, a new virtual server May First/People Link recently rented went offline.


Sparkleshare is a file sharing utility that keeps folders in sync on multiple computers in a similar fashion to the commercial and proprietary Dropbox.