So long email, it's been good to know yuh

2015-04-30 One-minute read

Yesterday I permanently deleted 15 years of email.

It wasn’t because I didn’t have enough hard disk space to store it. It’s because I decided, after 15 years, that the benefits of keeping all this email did not outweigh the risks. Although I have never had my email subpoenaed, I have had many legal interactions due to my involvement with May First/People Link, some of which were about finding the real identities of May First/People Link members. I’d rather not risk compromising anyone or needlessly exposing my networks. Now I have an Inbox, Sent Box, Trash Box and Detected Spam Box. The Inbox I empty manually and the other boxes are automatically purged on a scheduled basis.

In this age of surveillance it’s sad to see data evaluated based on risk of exposure.