Capitalism Is Crashed

2011-01-08 One-minute read

The Occupy Wall Street protests taking place around the world are incredibly moving.

And, at May First/People Link, the joint us jumping with new projects. Occupy Together was the first to join, followed by the Occupy Wall Street Journal. We then launched as our dedicated Occupy Wall Street shared server and the radical tech work keeps on coming (OccupyTechnoloyg, OccupyProvidence, OccupyColumbus GA just to name a few).

It’s also great to see free software and responsible software as a service making it’s way into the conversation. I’ve heard many reports about the politics of technology taking it’s rightful place in the realm of political decisions being made.

I don’t have the context for this photo from the blog non ti stavo cercando, but it sure sums up the connection :

Capitalism is Crashed! Install news system?