Beyond Centralization

We have a lot of work to do on the left to develop our political understanding of the dangers of relying on corporate Internet services for our political organizing work.

Bolivia getting support

If you live in the United States you’d be forgiven for missing the story.

CISPES Under Attack

One of my earliest political experiences with the US government meddling with political movements was during the 80’s.

Collaborating with git

In a previous blog I reviewed the basic steps required to setup a git environment designed to share with others.

DrupalCamp NYC 2008

Drupal scalability I wasn’t taking notes during the CRM/Drupal workshop - but I did with Drupal tuning.

Email Scam

I received a rightfully concerned email from a group asking if I was the one that made the newegg purchase referenced in the email.

Forget Client - Server. How about Spokes - Council?

What if we were to design a web-application (say, for example, a blogging program) that, from the start, was designed with the same goals that we would design a mass political organizing campaign?

Getting CPAN running locally

My goal was simple - to install the DateTime::Event::Recurrence CPAN module for my non-privileged user.

Getting Logitech camera working with Linux

Josue gave me a USB camera made by logitech - and I’ve been meaning to get it working with my Debian Lenny system for a while.

Goals for a New Global Movement

The World Social Forum says: “Another world is possible.” How is this world shaping up?