Goals for a New Global Movement

The World Social Forum says: “Another world is possible.” How is this world shaping up?

Got a tech question?

Great to see you all at the NYC Grassroots Media Conference.

GPG for the masses

dkg and I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to help people use GnuPG to send and receive encrypted email.

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference 2008

We had another amazing Internet Rights workshop this one at the 2008 Grassroots Use of Technology Conference.

Ikiwiki + Git + Debian Etch

After a lot of head scratching, I seem to have ikiwiki up and running using a git repository - all running on Debian Etch.

Installing asterisk

This is attempt number two. Attempt number one I didn’t properly document, so hopefully this attempt will be more successful just for that reason.

Internet Part 1 and Part 2

To use the People’s Production House slogan: The Internet is Yours … If you want it.

Internet Rights Workshops the NYC Grassroots Media Conference

The results are in. On March 2, 2008, May First/People Link organized a session to collaboratively develop a series of Internet Rights at the Grassroots Media Conference.

It's called struggle for a reason

The NY Times ran an article last weekend about just how darn difficult it is to be an environmentalist.

Keybindings and Openbox

I just had a terrifying moment when none of my custom key bindings worked.