Khalil Gibran International Academy

Thanks for the work of May First/People Link member AWAAM, I’ve been following the story of Khalil Gibran International Academy, a school that opened in 2007 in Brooklyn to serve as a dual-language Arabic/English school where a mixed group of Arabic speakers and non-Arabic speakers would learn together.

Lessons in Collaboration:

On Wednesday, November 12, a collaboration of activists and pranksters distributed a remarkably high quality spoofed copy of the New York Times along with an equally artful website.

Look for us in Boston at the Grassroots Use Of Technology Conference

The Grassroots Use of Technology Conference is coming up! May First/People Link members will be there in force.

Media Sanctuary on the future of censorship

Sunday morning at 10:00 am in Room J you’ll find me at Steve Pierce’s workshop on censorship.

NYC Grassroots Media Conference

The NYC Grassroots Media Alliance has announced the date for the next conference: Sunday, March 2 - be sure to mark your calendars.

OpenID for content

Every day we post content on web sites run by people that we trust, or know a little, or don’t know at all, or in many cases explicitly don’t trust, or really, just about every variation within these categories of trust.

Optimizing a drupal site in a hurry

To help boost performance on the site Ben asked me to research APC and memcache.

Riseup and Texas MEP on Social Networking

Riseup and Texas MEP put together a workshop on social network from a critical perspective.

Setting Bell Beeps in SILC

In the best tradition of “quick write it down before I forget it again” I am blogging about how to enable two people running silc to send each other a beep.

SMTP Problems, old and new

I received 100 back scatter messages in my inbox today. As someone who receives mail for dozens of system email messages (like root@ and www-data@), this number is higher than usual, but not something so odd that it concerns me.