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Welcome to - the web site of Jamie McClelland. My bio is available as are the details of my gpg/ssh identities. You also might be interested in the software that I've published. For more information on what I do, please visit May First/People Link, the Progressive Technology Project, or see my current projects page. If you microblog, follow me on

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Getting to know systemd
Posted Sun Aug 17 11:42:07 2014

New OpenPGP key
Posted Wed Jan 8 09:33:49 2014

If you don't know what a quine is, consider yourself lucky
Posted Sun Sep 1 18:28:26 2013

Sharing screen with remote Linux user behind a firewall
Posted Mon Jul 22 13:30:36 2013

Administering CUPS from the command line
Posted Mon May 20 10:42:53 2013