May First Maintenance Day Continues: Sunday, September 30

We’re continue our day of maintenance at May First/People Link. Click the more link below to say abreast of how things are going.

More etch upgrades: Peewee

And another etch upgrade as Debian Etch approaches stable! For this server, having downtime happen earlier (before people come into the office) was the priority.

Moving Drupal Between Servers

Drupal is not so easy to move from one server to another.

MySQL bin log: Your friend

A big thanks to the Debian MySQL server maintainers for enabling bin logging by default.

Nagios2 and complex configurations...

I have a love/hate relationship with Nagios. On the one hand, I love how much power there is in the object oriented approach to the configuration files.

Naming your network connections

Having your network connections called eth0 and eth1 is fine if you are a machine.

New blog

I’ll be continuing to post both general interest and tech-related blogs here.

New Drupal Tutorial

Beginning drupalists will be interested in our new Drupal tutorial, written by Amanda B and available here.

Next Generation Email list software

Mailman and Sympa are two very impressive free email list programs.

Nodaddy: the Internet does have a hierarchical and centralized aspect

At our radical techie brunch last weekend, I heard about NoDaddy, a site documenting how someone’s entire domain name was pulled from the Internet by GoDaddy