OpenID and Trac

With OpenID installed, I wanted to get the OpenID trac module working.

Organizing mass forums

It’s been a few months since the US Social Forum - a few months that I’ve spent reflecting on how things went and what I would like to see happen differently in the future.

Our web launched!

Freespeech TV just launched their amazing Ourweb campaign. If you have 4 minutes, please check out this site, the video, and tell your friends about it.

Paper Tiger Television 25th Anniversary Celebration

MFPL member Paper Tiger Television is celebrating a full 25 years of life Thursday, October 11 at Anthology Film Archives.

People for Internet Responsibility

Thanks Michael for the tip on People for Internet Responsibility.

Police Brutality Strikes Fifth Anniversary of Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Please support MFPL member SRLP!! On the night of Wednesday, September 26, officers from the 9th Precinct of the New York Police Department attacked without provocation members of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and of its community.

Printing and Samba

Finally working on getting the windows clients to print using a printer install on a Samba server, rather than directly via IP.

Progressive Technology Project is sponsoring TechCamp in Minnesota

The Progressive Technology Project, a member of May First/People Link for years, is hosting a 3 day technology “boot camp” for organizers.

Radical Techies: The USSF needs you!

Dear radical technologists: The social forum needs you! We’re expecting thousands of progressives to converge in Atlanta the end of June for one of the largest gatherings of social justice activists in recent history (for more info: www.

Setting up OpenId

There are less than a dozen technologies on the Internet that I would consider truly critical to organizing on the Internet, and one of them is a distributed authentication system.