Supporting small organizations

After doing one thing for over eight years, one would usually expect to have a certain level of competence in that activity.

The future of May First/People Link backups

Hi folks - this is an open call to May First/People Link Members inviting feedback on our backup strategy.

The ongoing project of understanding load and bottle necks

I’ve found bottle neck analysis to be something I can only understand in small bite sized chunks - really it’s a continuous process of peeling back layers.

This is how hot I am

Now that Chavez can accurately report the temperature (see previous blog) I needed to know what was going on when the kernel reported a temperature spike.

Two opportunities for US Social Forum Report back in NYC

The The Foundry Theatre/SOLAS Saturday, July 21st, 2007 5-9PM and the Brecht Forum: Wednesday, July 25, 7:00 pm

Upgrading assata from sarge to etch

This server is primarily a mailman server. That’s what it does and, since we’re moving the lists it is hosting to a new server, it won’t do that for much longer.

Upgrading Sarge -> Etch

After updating my /etc/apt/source.list, the first step was to upgrade the kernel image.

Upgrading to lenny

In a rather non-thinking moment, I decided to upgrade Liberace, my laptop machine, to Lenny when I really didn’t have time to recover from problems.

Useful trick for changing resolutions

I was helping a May First/People Link member with a projector presentation (my personal laptop, liberace, was drafted into service) yesterday when I realized that liberace’s screen resolution was too wide for the projector to handle.

Using Goddy SSL certificates

After some agonizing discussions, dkg and I decided to purchase a SSL certificate from Godaddy for members.