May First Day of Maintenance: Saturday, September 22

2007-01-08 2-minute read

Hi May First/People Link folks! Today (Saturday September 22) we are doing a major series of upgrades on all of our servers which may result in brief periods of downtime (see our service advisory). If you are having trouble connecting, please be patient while we complete the upgrades. If you are experiencing problems and it is after 9:00 PM Eastern/New York time, please email us at Thanks!

Click the more link to see our progress reports as we go!

We’re starting with leslie, our email list server (aka We’ve just starting installing the new packages as we upgrade from Debian Sarge to Debian Etch. Once all packages are installed we will reboot.

Update: having some troubles with upgrading mailman - the list server program. Trouble shooting is time consuming, so we’re going to upgrade chavez (which this blog is hosted on) while we wait.

Leslie is done!! Chavez is now done too!! Malcolm is done Robeson is done Shadow is mostly done, but the Tachanka collective will need to put some more work into it Octavia (hosting rosa) is done Gramsci (hosting mendes and peltier) is done too! Sontag (hosting moses and assata) Menchu is done

Unfortunately - we didn’t finish all the servers. Still to do:

octopus (serial console installation) evo (sarge -> etch) viewsic (sarge -> etch) chun (sarge -> etch) harry (move to domU)