California Holidays 2010

2010-01-08 One-minute read

The trip started out great. Taking a walk near the house…

Neighborhood Walk

… Meredith in the backyard

Meredith in the Backyard

We even took a walk on the beach

Meredith at the Beach

Taking our chances with the tide.

Jeff and Mom the Beach

Breaking the law (the beach we walked on wasn’t exactly open)

Breaking the law

After our flight was rescheduled for wednesday, we thought we’d rent a car. We were never going to get this one.

The rental car we didn’t get

After our flight took off from LA and then turned around and landed in LA, we decided to go with Amtrak.

Reading the train brochure

We spent a lot of time looking out the window, particularly in the south west.

Looking out the window

We splurged for the LA - Chicago leg - an actual sleeper car.

Sleeper car

Six hour layover in Chicago. If you wait long enough you can find an open bathroom in the fanciest of places.

Fancy Hotel

You can also see expensive public art…

Expensive Public Art

… and inexpensive public art…

Puppet Bike