Welcome to my new blogging software

2008-01-08 One-minute read

Times are a-changing and so is my blog software. May First/People Link is about to launch its new blog site, which means we’ll no longer being blogging on the main www.mayfirst.org site.

I will be re-publishing my blog on the about to be launched May First/People Link blogging site. However, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to play around with ikiwiki. It’s particularly interesting because it stores my blogs in git - a revision control system often used for software projects. That means I get to write my blogs in a normal text editor rather than a web form.

I did my best to bring over my old blogs - including comments! The order is a bit off - if you look at the [[posts]] page they are not listed in chronological order. I decided I could live with it. I hope you can too!