Email Scam

2008-01-08 2-minute read

I received a rightfully concerned email from a group asking if I was the one that made the newegg purchase referenced in the email. The email (as displayed in my text mail program) looked like this:

	From: NewEgg Support
	Sent: Jun 5, 2008 3:20 PM
	Subject: You order in process!

	Good day, info!

	Thanks for you order!
	ASUS 20X DVDÄ…R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model DRW-2014L1T - Retail $919.45

	You can check order status at the folowing link: <>

	Best regards,
	Support NewEgg.

My response via email got canned as spam. Sigh. So here it is via the web:

	I think this is an email scam.

	The link in the email that you forwarded is:

	The first part looks like a legit URL. The second part (in angle
	brackets) is typically the part that you will be re-directed to if you click
	on the link. It specifies a different server:

	The .cn top level domain belongs to china. If you go to that page, it
	redirects you to a different page:

	That pages displays nothing (but, based on the name, might record the details
	of your IP address or browser).

	The web page seems to belong to a consulting firm.

	I would suggest calling to report the email and to ensure that
	nothing was actually billed - but the whole things seems pretty fishy to me.