Setting Bell Beeps in SILC

2008-01-08 One-minute read

In the best tradition of “quick write it down before I forget it again” I am blogging about how to enable two people running silc to send each other a beep. Both users should be running Linux and the silc terminal client. And, both users should have beeping configured on their computer (you can test by opening a terminal window and typing Ctrl-g and you should hear a beep).

Then - in silc, turn bell_beeps on with:

/set bell_beeps ON

Now, if you are both in the same silc room, typing: CTRL-g followed by pressing the enter key should cause your computer to beep and the computer of everyone in the silc room (provided their silc configuration has bell_beeps set to ON as well) to beep as well.

Although I’m a big hater of beeping, I find this setup really useful because it allows me to to have a silc window open and buried or otherwise not visible, yet still allow people to get my attention.