Internet Part 1 and Part 2

2008-01-08 2-minute read

To use the People’s Production House slogan: The Internet is Yours … If you want it.

PPH started Part 1 of the workshop by exploring the Digital Expansion Initiative. They shared both the results and the methods they use to learn about how people use the Internet and how we want it to develop (see some of their testimony).

I really appreciated their transparency: we went through the various methods for collecting research (via interviews, drawing pictures, etc) - for each method we all did it and discussed the effectiveness of the strategy.

Part II was May First/People Link - and the Internet Rights workshop.

And the results are in. The number in brackets is the number of groups that endorsed the right. We had 5 groups total.

  1. Free Speech and peacable assembly without permit for anyone, everywhere. A right including the right to dialogue. [4]

  2. Right to internet and technology public education. [4]

  3. All people have the right to be involved in a public global democratic process to manage the full spectrum of communications resources: [3]

  4. Right to transparency about government and corporate activity, surveillance, activities. [2]

  5. Right to personal privacy; Control and consent over your personal information; transparency of information collection practices. [2]

  6. Airwaves/spectrum are a public resource controlled and managed by the people for public, not private, gain. [2]

  7. Community ownership of internet infrastructure (domain name system, hardware, last mile connection, software source, bandwidth) [1]

  8. Network managers and/or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot discriminate against content of any type. [1]

  9. all people have the right to contribute content; Rights of the common over intellectual property rights [1]

  10. Peoples throughout the world have free access to ubiquitous broadband and computing resources through public institutions such as schools and libraries or any local resource center if they want it. [0]