Yahoo to Internet: Drop Dead

When you’re a giant on the Internet, like Yahoo, you really can make a difference.

A Real Racial Democracy?

NIKOLAS KOZLOFF writes: As the war of words heats up between the Bush White House and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, the firebrand South American leader has boldly sought to forge ties with poor communities of color in the United States.


John Emerson writes an interesting overview of collectives with loads of good examples:

Free Recycling this Saturday!

This saturday is the time to get rid of your junk, courtesy of the Lower East Side Ecology Center:

From Bad to Worse

It was bad enough in 1994 when Congress passed the Wiretap law (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) which forces phone companies to install equipment in their premises that allow the federal government to tap the lines.

May First Moves into New Cabinet

Last week we moved all of our servers from the clutches of the Internet Channel (recently aquired by thorn.

May First/People Link Party

Hi all - Please come to our Party on Wednesday, December 7 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm!

Open Office gaining ground

Open Office (a free, open source office software suite) has been challenging Micrsoft Office (a bloated, overpriced office software suite) for a few years now.

Save Public Access

Public Access Television is once again under attack. Even if you don’t regularly watch public access, consider the concept: if the cable companies want to lay cable under public streets and sidewalks, they should pay rent, right?

System Advisory

We are making a major upgrade to our server Wiwa over the weekend December 2 - December 3rd!