Energy Solutions Conference: April 27 - 29

The Peak Oil NYC folks are planning a conference in late April that looks like it’s off to a great start.

Free Software and Activists

Thanks Katrin for pointing out Bruce Byfield’s article asking why the free software movement is not closer to the activist movement.

Grassroots Use of Technology

The conference, held on Saturday, June 17th, 2005 is hosted by the Organizers’ Collaborative based on Boston, MA.

Great articles on Drupal

Developers interested in getting the basics of Drupal may be interested in a new series of articles written by IBM about Drupal.

How hot am I?

Knowing the temperature of your CPU is not something you need every day, but when you do need, well, it’s good to have the tools in place.

How to write secure php mail scripts

Allowing people to fill out forms on your web site that generate email messages is an important part of any organizing web site.

May First/People Blog blogged published in Social Policy Magazine

Alfredo Lopez’s blog on Spam and Censorship was published in the current issue of Social Policy Magazine.

PHP Form Mailer

Several weeks ago I submitted a blog for PHP developers about how to write secure PHP email scripts.

Proposal Review Software

During a meeting with a small NYC group that funds social justice organizations, we hit upon a need for software that can help manage the proposal review process.

Spam is out of control!

Especially the last few weeks we’ve seen an signficant rise in spam on the May First/People Link servers.