Anarchist techies world wide

For the techies: a new web site for anarchist geeks has started: aptgetanarchy.

Azad Design - accepting submissions

Check out former May First Technology Collective member Laimah Osman’s latest project: Azad Design.

Bad news in Congress for free and open communication

The Barton/COPE Act looks like bad news. highlights some of the worst aspects of the law, including weak provisions for community access television, little defense against redlining, and no defense against net neutrality.

Beyond Marriage

Anyone else feel stifled by the gay marriage debate? Really brings back unpleasant memories of the gays in the military debate.

Bouncing Spam Considered Harmful

Mail is just about the hardest service to administer. Compared to web sites, databases, firewalls – just about any other service – mail is more complicated and more critical.

Broadband wireless

The New America Foundation came out with an interesting report on broadband wireless.

Certain Days

Mark your calendar. Or get a calendar to mark. May First/People Link member Certain Days is hosting their Freedom for Political Prisoners 2007 calendar launch party on Saturday, November 11: more info here.

Check out Mark Libkuman at the Labor Tech Conference in San Francisco

Mark Libkuman from May First/People Link and MFPL Member Open Flows will be presenting at the Labor Tech Conference November 17 - 19.

Electronic Recycling or Third World Dumping?

Thanks Prince for pointing out this article. Careful where you recycle - you just might be dumping your crap somewhere else.

End of the Internet?

I saw an interesting article reposted on Portside. The original article, by Jeff Chester, warns of the threat we are facing because Internet Service Providers like Verizon and the cable companies will start restricting content.