Useful trick for changing resolutions

I was helping a May First/People Link member with a projector presentation (my personal laptop, liberace, was drafted into service) yesterday when I realized that liberace’s screen resolution was too wide for the projector to handle.

Using Goddy SSL certificates

After some agonizing discussions, dkg and I decided to purchase a SSL certificate from Godaddy for members.

Virtual Folders in Mutt

Just found a great how to on implementing virtual mail folders in Mutt.

War & the Media: Book Party and Forum at the Brecht Forum

Support your fellow May First/People Link member the Brecht Forum this Wednesday March 28 at 7:30 pm by attending their forum about War and the Media with superstars Jeff Cohen and Robin Andersen.

Where's May First this month?

Like most of you, we’re in Atlanta this month for the US Social Forum!

Working with RAID

We’ve been working with a giant backup server with 8 disks in a complex series of RAID arrays.

Xen quick start

Here are the quick steps for turning a stock Debian Etch machine into a xen machine:

I saw this link on the Nonprofit Open Source Initiative listserv.

Google's Wi-Fi Privacy Ploy

There’s lots of talk about free and low-cost wireless internet access.

A country serious about open source

Venezuela is starting an ambitious training program today. The goal is to train 400,000 people in open source software.